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Juvenile Crimes

My Child Has Been Sentenced. What Happens Next?

Juvenile criminal charges can affect your child for years to come. While an experienced juvenile defense lawyer can help minimize the chances of your child being convicted and sentenced, it’s best to prepare for the possibility of incarceration. If your child is sentenced, he…

When Can Minors Be Charged As Adults?

It seems counterintuitive, but not every minor under age 18 is charged as a juvenile. Criminal law in Arizona allows—and in some cases, requires—juveniles to be tried as adults. The differences between juvenile court and regular criminal court are significant. If convicted as an…

What to Do If Your Child Is in Legal Trouble  

Kids will be kids, but they must still abide by the law. Unfortunately, children and teens may not recognize the line between playful fun and breaking the law, and they will rely on parental guidance to help them avoid long-term consequences from an adolescent…

Why Juvenile Defendants Need Serious Defense

Although children under 18 are typically tried as juveniles, there are many exceptions to this rule. In the state of Arizona, there are several instances in which individuals less than 18 years of age may be tried in the same manner as an adult.…

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