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Gun Crime Attorney in Tucson, AZ

Gun Crime Attorney in Tucson, AZ

As an American, you treasure your personal freedom, including the right to have weapons in your home or car, lawfully possessed for use for self-defense or hunting. However, if you are convicted of a gun crime in Arizona, you could lose these rights. With over 20 years of criminal defense experience, Tucson attorney Janet Altschuler knows what you have on the line after a gun crime or concealed weapons charge, and she knows what to do to protect your rights.

Criminal Charges Carry Harsher Penalties if a Gun Is Allegedly Involved

Many crimes in Arizona include harsher penalties if the crime involves the use of a firearm, including:

Aggravated assault: Simply using a gun for intimidation, such as pointing a gun at a driver out of road rage, could result in serious prison time.

Misdemeanor domestic violence: A conviction will result in the loss of gun possession rights and could result in a felony conviction if you are subsequently caught with a gun.

What Does the Loss of Gun Rights Mean for You?

Losing your gun rights after a criminal conviction will affect you in a number of ways. You cannot go hunting. You cannot become a police officer or continue to be a police officer. No military branches will accept you or keep you if you lose your right to possess a gun.

There are numerous issues to consider regarding any crime involving a gun, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Prior Felony Convictions
  • Number of Victims
  • Drug/Gang Related
  • Type of Firearm (i.e. automatic weapon)
  • Whether Death or Serious Injury was a Result

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