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Drug Defense Attorney in Tucson, AZ

You Need a Strong, Experienced Defense Lawyer if You’re Facing Drug Possession Charges in Tucson

The most common drug charge is possession. It is important to understand that, regardless of the drug involved, this is not a minor charge. This is a charge that could lead to much more than fines and jail time. It could impact your career and future. Some drug convictions negatively impact student loans and financial aid. The experience that attorney Janet Altschuler brings to these cases means that she has a strong understanding of the options that are available, including diversion programs that could allow you to walk away from these charges without a criminal record.

Defense Against Drug Charges

Whether a misdemeanor possession charge or a felony charge, it is important to consult with a lawyer. The consequences of a drug conviction can be terribly life altering. The consequences of a drug conviction can be far reaching. Such a conviction can affect college grant money, apartment applications, jobs, and security clearances.

  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Distribution of drugs
  • Transportation or trafficking of drugs
  • Growing or manufacturing drugs

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