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Many forms of theft involve taking money or property directly. These include shoplifting, robbery and burglary. However, many theft cases also involve fraud schemes. These are often much more complex to defend against. You can be certain that attorney Altschuler has the experience to defend against charges of: check fraud, credit card fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud, and embezzlement. Janet Altschuler can also defend against charges of trafficking in stolen property, criminal damage to property, and vandalism.

A Criminal Conviction Can Haunt You for Life

It is important to be aware that a charge that may seem minor, such as retail theft or shoplifting, can cause you serious problems in the future. Potential employers will have access to your criminal record. Employers, particularly those that involve the handling of money or property, will often be unwilling to enlist someone who has a record of taking money and property that doesn’t belong to them.


In some cases the State will have some difficulty proving the charges against a client were it not for the client’s admission or confession. Even when police read Miranda Warnings and the admission is voluntary, some people go ahead and speak to the police. It seems they do not realize they don’t have to do this. Even if they don’t have an attorney right there with them, they have the right to simply say nothing. You have the right to REMAIN SILENT. This is often the best thing to do.

Police are required to read Miranda warnings when they have a person in custody and when they are likely asking questions likely to elicit incriminating responses. These two elements are not black and white. Each situation is unique. Custody can mean a person is in handcuffs or not in handcuffs but the person is surrounded by police and cannot simply walk away from them. Similarly, questions likely to elicit an incriminating response can be almost anything other than asking name and address. The absence of these warnings, may, in some circumstances, be very helpful to the accused.

The best and most helpful thing a person can do when confronted by police is to remain silent or say the one magic word that will stop questioning-LAWYER.

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  • Check fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Mail fraud and wire fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Charges of trafficking in stolen property
  • Vandalism

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