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Janet Altschuler,
Tucson Criminal Lawyer

Over 20 Years of Criminal Experience

Representing those accused of criminal offenses day in and day out means Janet Altschuler knows the prosecutors and has the ability to better predict outcomes. It also means you won’t be represented by an inexperienced associate or someone from Phoenix. Experience allows lawyers to think on their feet and get the best resolution. Choose the best Tucson criminal lawyer and a local criminal law firm, Janet Altschuler.

We Do Only Criminal Defense Work

Many lawyers do personal injury, bankruptcy, divorce AND criminal defense work. The phrase — jacks of all trades, master of none, comes to mind. Frequently such lawyers work in mills. They do high volume work which leads to less attention to each case. Janet Altschuler will be with you every step of the way. From the initial consultation to every court date, you can count on her to be there to support you and to fight for every chance to resolve the case in the best possible way.

Building Relationships in Tucson, AZ for 20+

Janet Altschuler grew up in Tucson, AZ. She is proud to be a part of the small legal community here. She knows the standards of practice are high and understands that it is important to keep those standards up and build relationships with the community. Janet has extensive jury trial experience with continued successful outcomes. She knows and understands the system in Pima County Superior Court, Juvenile Court, Tucson City Court, and Pima County Justice Court.

Criminal Defense Attorney Janet Altschuler

About Janet Altschuler

Janet Altschuler represents those accused of criminal felony and misdemeanoroffenses. She handles domestic violence cases routinely. Click learn more to learn about her vast experience, or call for a free consultation.

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Janet Altschuler provides you with the energetic advocacy you need to get the result you want, regardless of what you have been accused of. For more information on the cases she handles, click view all services.

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