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Domestic Violence Attorney Tucson

There are a number of situations in which domestic violence charges may be filed. The most common forms of domestic violence occur between couples who are married, formerly married, residing in the same household or used to reside in the same household. Domestic violence charges may also arise out of child involvement or between siblings and others related by blood. The first thing you want to do is fight your charge to reduce the impact of these potential criminal consequences.

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If You’ve Been Charged with Assault in Tucson,
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Assault charges come in different flavors under AZ law. The nature of the alleged injury, whether or not a weapon is involved and the age or nature of the victim, all impact how the state may charge a person. An assault charge can take on many different forms, with the type of injury caused in an assault determining whether or not the charge is a misdemeanor or felony. Assault does not necessarily have to involve physical contact. Merely threatening and intimidating an individual can result in such a charge, if that individual felt he or she was in serious danger.

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Hire an Experienced Robbery and Theft Defense Lawyer in Tucson

Many forms of theft involve taking money or property directly. These include shoplifting, robbery and burglary. However, many theft cases also involve fraud schemes. These are often much more complex to defend against. You can be certain that attorney Altschuler has the experience to defend against charges of: check fraud, credit card fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud, and embezzlement. Janet Altschuler can also defend against charges of trafficking in stolen property, criminal damage to property, and vandalism.

Drug Defense Attorney in Tucson, AZ

You Need a Strong, Experienced Defense Lawyer if You’re
Facing Drug Possession Charges in Tucson.

The most common drug charge is possession. It is important to understand that, regardless of the drug involved, this is not a minor charge. This is a charge that could lead to much more than fines and jail time. It could impact your career and future. Some drug convictions negatively impact student loans and financial aid. The experience that attorney Janet Altschuler brings to these cases means that she has a strong understanding of the options that are available, including diversion programs that could allow you to walk away from these charges without a criminal record.


Tucson DUI Lawyer and Car Accident Lawyer, DUI Charges and Other Motor Vehicle Charges in Tucson Demand an Experienced Defense Lawyer

Criminal charges involving motor vehicles are fairly common, but each situation can be drastically different. In some cases, there may just be property damage. In others, physical injuries may have occurred. Some individuals who are in an accident get frightened and flee the scene out of fear.

Experienced Violent Crime Attorney In Tucson, You Need an Experienced Violent Crime Attorney in Your Corner

Violent crime charges come in many forms. Assault is one of the most common. This charge is interesting, because an attack does not have to be physical to lead to criminal charges. You could be accused of this crime simply by making threats to someone. Often, these charges are involved in domestic violence cases.

There is also aggravated assault, which is a much more serious charge. These crimes tend to involve evidence of the use of a weapon or physical harm to the victim. These crimes can arise from bar fights or other serious altercations.

Gun Crime Attorney in Tucson, AZ

As an American, you treasure your personal freedom, including the right to have weapons in your home or car, lawfully possessed for use for self-defense or hunting. However, if you are convicted of a gun crime in Arizona, you could lose these rights. With over 20 years of criminal defense experience, Tucson attorney Janet Altschuler knows what you have on the line after a gun crime or concealed weapons charge, and she knows what to do to protect your rights.

Embezzlement Attorney in Tucson, AZ

Tucson embezzlement attorney, Janet Altschuler, works to protect those who have been questioned of, accused of or charged with a criminal theft, fraud or embezzlement charge. If you are confronted by your employer about stealing from work or have been approached by authorities regarding such a charge, contact Janet Altschuler as soon as possible to begin protecting your rights.

Juvenile Crime Attorney in Tucson, AZ

Has your child been accused of a crime? As a parent, you understand that the outcome of a juvenile case can have a serious impact on your son’s or daughter’s future. You want to do everything you can to make certain the outcome is the best it possibly can be. Tucson juvenile crime attorney, Janet Altschuler, has more than 20 years of experience that she will use to defend your child against criminal charges.

Sex Crime Attorney in Tucson, AZ

There is no such thing as a minor sex crime. Everything from indecent exposure charges stemming from a public urination incident to sexual assault are major charges, charges that will have serious consequences if they result in a conviction.

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