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If You’ve Been Charged with Assault in Tucson, Hire a Tucson Law Firm with 20+ Years Criminal Defense Experience

Assault charges come in different flavors under AZ law. The nature of the alleged injury, whether or not a weapon is involved and the age or nature of the victim, all impact how the state may charge a person.  An assault charge can take on many different forms, with the type of injury caused in an assault determining whether or not the charge is a misdemeanor or felony. Assault does not necessarily have to involve physical contact. Merely threatening and intimidating an individual can result in such a charge, if that individual felt he or she was in serious danger.

Misdemeanor, Assault and Domestic Violence

A misdemeanor assault charge exposes a person to jail time, probation, fines and counseling. If the charge has a DV tag attached to it, the consequences that occur outside the courtroom include not being able to own guns or ammunition. This is true of many DV convictions, not just assault. Self defense of others and defense of property must be explored to put on an effective defense.

You always have the right to defend yourself from physical harm as long as you use reasonable physical force.

Criminal Charges Vary Widely From Case to Case

No matter what the details of your case are, Janet Altschuler can help. She has seen a wide range of serious cases. Her dedication, concern and skill in protecting her clients have helped her achieve countless favorable outcomes for individuals who have been charged with criminal assault and many other offenses in Arizona.

Some issues that can determine what level of assault charge you are facing include:

  • Whether or not a weapon was involved
  • The age of the individual who was allegedly assaulted
  • Whether the individual felt like there was imminent danger due to threatening behavior

Protect Yourself

Write Down Facts

Write down your recollection of what happened. Memories fade. Cops enter reports for this purpose. You can too.

Document Injuries

Protect yourself by documenting all of your injuries. Begin compiling evidence, just as law enforcement does.

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