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My Child Has Been Sentenced. What Happens Next?

December 28, 2018

Juvenile criminal charges can affect your child for years to come. While an experienced juvenile defense lawyer can help minimize the chances of your child being convicted and sentenced, it’s best to prepare for the possibility of incarceration. If your child is sentenced, he or she will be committed to the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections (ADJC).


Your child may be sent to the Adobe Mountain School. This institution encourages family visits, although all visitors are required to abide by certain rules and restrictions. Two members of the child’s immediate family may visit at a time. Non-immediate family members must be approved for visitation by the Secure Care Bureau Administrator. Visitors are strongly encouraged to read the visitation guidelines beforehand.

Rehabilitative Programs

All youths committed to the ADJC will receive rehabilitative programs that are appropriate for the individual’s age, risk, needs, and abilities. The goal is to support the youth’s transition back into the community. Before youths may be considered for release, they must demonstrate progress in their treatment program. Adobe Mountain School maintains specialized housing units for youths with a history of substance abuse, violence, mental health issues, or sexual offenses.

Education Services

The ADJC maintains a state education system for committed youth. Before new students enroll in regular classes, they complete a Reception, Assessment, and Classification (RAC) course designed to explore career objectives and assess academic development. Youths are required to pursue a schedule of classes that places them on track to graduation.

Stage System

Youths committed to secure care are continually monitored by the staff. By demonstrating progress in treatment and good behavior, your child can proceed from stage one (orientation) to stage four (preparation for re-entry into the community). Every 30 days, the Multidisciplinary Team meets to assess your child’s current stage.

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