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You May Not Be Crazy, But These Laws Sure Are!

September 30, 2015

Although the vast majority of state laws are put in place to protect residents, some state laws exist that make little sense. Many silly or crazy state laws are simply outdated, but some are so ridiculous that it’s not clear how or why they were ever enacted in the first place. Crazy laws can be found in every state in the union; while they are generally not enforced, these laws technically remain in effect until they are overturned.

Nevada’s Liquor Law

In Nyala, Nevada, there is a legal limitation to the number of people for whom a man may purchase drinks. The letter of the law makes it illegal for a man to buy drinks for more than three other people, not including himself, at any one time during a single day.

Florida’s Gator Law

One of the most famous crazy state laws belongs to Florida. In Florida, it is illegal to tie an alligator to a fire hydrant. Although this law gained notice through its reference to alligators, the actual letter of the law states that fire hydrants may not be blocked in any way, including tying an alligator or any other animal to the hydrant.  

Tennessee’s Password Law

In Tennessee, a recent law made it illegal for residents to share their Netflix password with others. While this law was created in an attempt to prevent the theft and illegal sale of entertainment site and service passwords, the actual letter of the law technically allows it to be used against friends and families who share a single account.

Although these crazy state laws are not enforced, most state laws play an important role in determining criminal activity and its punishment. Attorney Janet Altschuler is here to provide legal counsel and representation if you have been charged with a crime in Tucson. You can find out more about Attorney Altschuler and why you should hire a criminal defense attorney for help on our website or by calling (520) 829-1741; you can also reach our toll-free number at (866) 377-7808.

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