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Crazy Laws: Weirdly Illegal Acts in Arizona

August 13, 2015

Like many strange laws still on the books in Arizona, you can face criminal charges for cutting down a cactus. Arizona’s history dates back hundreds of years to the days of cowboys, and some of the laws have remained through the years. For example, it’s still illegal for cowboys to wear spurs inside a hotel lobby.

Refuse a glass of water

Perhaps one of Arizona’s most popular urban legends is that it is illegal to refuse someone a glass of water. Though everyone who grows up in Arizona considers this rumor to be true, no one can point to the governing statute. Indeed, there are plenty of Arizona laws regulating water. However, no laws referencing providing someone a class of water.

Protect yourself with the same weapon

If a criminal or burglar attacks you in Arizona, you may only protect yourself with the same weapon that he or she possesses—or so the legend goes. In reality, it’s difficult for Arizonans to believe this legend, as there are frequently stories of residents shooting home intruders. In fact, there are many situations in which you can shoot a burglar armed with nothing. This legendary law is a poor interpretation of the use-of-force continuum, which isn’t really a law in Arizona.

Six girls in a house

Another misconception of Arizona laws is that Maricopa County residents can’t have more than six girls live in a single house. This would make sorority houses around the county unlawful. If you familiarize yourself with Maricopa County zoning ordinances, you will find they don’t make any such claim.

Hunt camel

Though there is a story involving the law prohibiting camel hunting, there really isn’t such a law. However, any camel you do find in Arizona likely belongs to a circus or zoo. As a result, you should think twice before hunting said camel, even if it’s not technically illegal.

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