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Wisconsin’s Wackiest Laws

March 25, 2016

Wisconsin is one of America’s northernmost states, boasting an extensive coastline along the Great Lakes, a diverse and beautiful landscape, and lots and lots of cows. As America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin is home to more than 5 million proud Cheeseheads along with a handful of crazy laws that might make you wonder if all that cheese has gone to lawmakers’ heads. Not surprisingly, a few of these laws are directly related to the dairy industry, which remains the backbone of the state’s economy.

Restaurants may not serve apple pie without cheese

In an effort to showcase local Wisconsin cheese in every way imaginable, the state has made it illegal to serve apple pie in public restaurants without a slice of cheese on top. Strange as it is, the result is surprisingly delicious. Restaurants in Wisconsin are also forbidden by law to serve margarine or any other butter substitute unless it is specifically requested by the customer. With the everlasting love of dairy that Wisconsities share, it seems that such a request is pretty rare.

Throwing rocks at railroad cars is illegal

If throwing rocks at trains is among your favorite hobbies, Wisconsin may not be your ideal vacation destination. State law forbids throwing rocks of any kind at a railroad car. While this law may seem a little odd, at least it is worded more clearly than that which states “When two trains meet, neither shall proceed until the other one has.”

Livestock has the right-of-way on all public roads

Wisconsin cows like plenty of room to graze, and they can do so freely knowing that they have the right of way on all public roads. If you ever come to a stop sign and a cow is waiting to pass, you had better let her go before you proceed, or else you might get busted by a state trooper.

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