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Vermont’s Very Silly Laws

January 30, 2016

Vermont is perhaps best known for its contributions in maple syrup and specialty ice cream, but it is also home to some rather silly laws. If you plan to travel to the Green Mountain State, you might want to read through the wacky laws listed below so that you don’t wind up in a holding cell during your stay.

It is illegal to whistle underwater

While you might think that the fact that whistling underwater is virtually impossible would be sufficient to ban the act in the state of Vermont, legislators decided to make sure that underwater whistling is not attempted by making a law against it.

You cannot keep doves in the freezer

If you use doves in your magic act, make sure you do not keep them in the freezer, because Vermont has made it illegal to do so. On the subject of animal-related crimes, Vermont also once banned tying giraffes to telephone poles, but the state has since become more progressive in its views on giraffe storage.

Women must have permission from their husbands to wear false teeth

Throughout each state, there are a fair number of laws that limit women’s rights, reminding citizens of a time before women were viewed as equals in society. In many cases, these laws go unenforced but remain a part of state law. This is exactly the case in Vermont when it comes to dentures, since the law dictates women must obtain written permission to wear false teeth, but it is questionable whether local dentists uphold this rule.

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