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Update Your Goofy Laws, Pennsylvania!

May 31, 2016

Pennsylvania holds a place of high esteem in America’s history. This state was one of the country’s 13 founding colonies, as well as the site of the drafting of the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution. However, even a proud state such as Pennsylvania is not without its own set of goofy, outdated, and just plain ridiculous laws.

It is illegal to have over 16 women live in a house together

Large families should be a source of pride—however, they can also be a source of legal trouble as well. In the state of Pennsylvania, it is illegal for more than 16 women to live in a single house together. This silly law was drafted to prevent the creation and maintenance of brothels, but the letter of the law appears to say nothing about the ages or relationships of the women, potentially turning a loving family home or even a college dorm into a brothel in the eyes of Pennsylvania’s lawmakers.

It is illegal to sleep on top of a refrigerator outdoors

It’s admittedly slightly unclear why Pennsylvania felt the need to create a legal barrier to sleeping atop a refrigerator outdoors. Perhaps the state simply realized that this is not a valid way to stay cool during a warm, humid summer night. While Pennsylvania appears to ban this type of behavior outdoors, this silly state law at least implies that if you must sleep on top of your refrigerator, you may legally do so inside your own home.

You may not catch a fish by any body part except the mouth

Pennsylvania appears to have strangely strict laws about the catching of fish throughout the state. Fishermen must limit their fish-catching techniques to strategies and tools that catch the fish by the mouth only, as catching a fish by a fin, tail, or any other body part is deemed illegal. Given this type of fishing restriction, you may not be surprised to discover that an additional state law specifies that “dynamite is not to be used to catch fish.”

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