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Seven of the Most Incredible Celebrity Domestic Violence Stories

April 27, 2016

If you even have a causal relationship with TMZ, you know that celebrities are not immune from getting into trouble. Quite the opposite, in fact! There are many ways to get into legal trouble, but one of the most common is to be charged with domestic violence: and that’s what this article is all about. Here are seven of the most famous celebrity domestic violence cases!

#1: Dennis Rodman


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If you remember former Chicago Bull Dennis Rodman, chances are you’re not terribly surprised to see him on this list. The star forward and noted friend of North Korean dictators was arrested for a 2008 domestic violence incident in an LA hotel.

#2: Charlie Sheen

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Good old Charlie Sheen. What would the gossip column do without him? In addition to his fondness for partying, he’s also been nabbed for domestic violence on numerous occasions, most recently in 2011.

#3: Sean Penn


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Is Sean Penn best known for his role as Harvey Milk? How about for his turn in I Am Sam? Well, on this list he’s known for being rumored to have abused his then-wife, Madonna (although he was never arrested for it.)

#4: Terrence Howard

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Would you believe that Terrence Howard has been arrested for domestic violence three times? It’s true: if you ever find yourself facing a charge of domestic violence, he may be the guy to ask for advice.

#5: Emma Roberts


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Our first female entrant on the list, Emma Roberts proves that women can be arrested for domestic violence too. She caught the case and made headlines for bloodying (and biting!) her boyfriend’s nose in Canada.

#6: Chris Brown

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I actually debated including this one, given that everyone in the world probably knows about it already. Regardless, the Chris Brown domestic violence case is incredible simply because it’s more famous than his music is: he made headlines around the world for assaulting his girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

#7: Floyd Mayweather

7Needless to say, Floyd Mayweather does a lot of fighting in and out of the ring.

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