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Oklahoma Law May Result in Fines for Wearing a Hoodie

May 31, 2015


These days, the hoody is a ubiquitous article of clothing. Nearly every person in the country owns a hoodie, and many like to wear them in public from time to time. If a proposed law in Oklahoma goes through, however, hoodie-wearers could be facing a fine of up to $500. Wearing a hoodie may constitute a crime of fashion, but is it really a crime crime?

Original Law

Strangely enough, a law against “hoodies” has been on the Oklahoma books since 1923. The original law banned the wearing of masks or hoods during the commission of a crime, and was specifically meant to deter the Ku Klux Klan in the state. If you commit a crime while wearing a hoodie in Oklahoma, you will charged at least twice—once for the crime, and once for wearing a hoodie while committing said crime.

Proposed Amendment

Just a few months ago, Oklahoma State Senator Don Barrington proposed an amendment to the existing law that would make wearing a hoodie in public illegal at all times—not just when committing a crime. Those seen wearing hoodies in public would be fined $500. The idea is apparently to discourage people from hiding their identity, which would theoretically make people less inclined to commit crimes.


The proposed amendment is, of course, utterly ridiculous. No matter how much the fashionistas in the fashion capitals of the world may want to police other people’s clothing, it’s simply a terrible idea. The hoodie is a comfy, practical, and incredibly popular article of clothing. Even if the amendment passed, it would be very difficult to enforce. Suddenly Oklahoma would become a state of outlaws.

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