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No Ice Cream Cones in Your Back Pocket: Strange Alabama State Laws

December 15, 2015

Every state has a handful of strange and silly laws, and Alabama is no exception to the rule with laws on the books stating that you are not allowed to carry ice cream cones in your back pocket or flick boogers into the wind. This article will take a closer look at a few more of the odd laws to know when you are in the Heart of Dixie so that you can stay out of trouble in the heart of the Deep South.

Putting salt on railroad tracks is punishable by death

You might not think much about pouring a little salt on the railroad tracks, but there is actually some logic to the law forbidding this action. Salt can attract cattle to the tracks, making a big mess when a train happens by. Back in the early days of the railroad, the ordeal proved such a hassle for cattle owners and railroad workers that the crime of salting the tracks was made punishable by death.

It is illegal to hold bear wrestling matches

Whether you want to watch two bears duke it out, or you want to try your luck fighting a grizzly yourself, you’ll have to choose a venue in Georgia, because bear wrestling matches are strictly against the law in Alabama.

Bathing in Mobile city fountains is restricted by law

While you may think that it goes without saying that bathing in public fountains is a bad idea, the city of Mobile felt that the action needed to be prohibited by law. Presumably, such a law could only have come about after the city dealt with its fair share of fountain bathers in local courts.

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