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Maine Justice: Dumb Laws from America’s Northeast

December 25, 2015

Maine is a state known for its northeastern charm, delicious local seafood, and rocky coastline, but there are a few crazy laws in the state that help to define its unique identity even further. For example, it is illegal in the state of Maine to drive a car while wearing a helmet. Keep reading for a look at just a few of the other wacky laws in the state.

You cannot step out of a plane in flight

The skydiving industry certainly is not thriving in Maine, since it is illegal to step out of a plane during flight. This is a law that certainly feels unnecessary, as breaking the law might result in punishment enough upon landing.

You are bound by law to take down your Christmas decorations

Residents of Maine need to be prompt about the removal of holiday decorations, since fines will be accrued for homes with decorations up after January 14th.

You cannot catch a lobster with your bare hands

Lobster is one of Maine’s most appreciated delicacies, but you’d better be careful about how you catch it. It’s illegal to catch a lobster with your bare hands, though it seems that you should be rewarded for the feat, since those claws are a tough obstacle to get around without the help of a net. If you happen to indulge on lobster in Huberson, Maine, be sure not to eat any more than 4 potatoes with the meal, since you will need to feed one potato to each of your pigs if you eat more than 5 in one meal.

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