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Heading Down South? Beware of these Loony Laws in Louisiana!

December 21, 2015

In the home state of the Big Easy, you might expect that there are some crazy laws to govern the nation’s most party-friendly city. In fact, New Orleans itself has a few wacky laws, including the prohibition of “fancy” bike riding. Throughout the state law books, you’ll find a few equally puzzling laws, including those listed below.

Stealing an alligator can lead to a decade in prison

Whether to eat, keep as a pet, or include in a circus act, a stolen alligator can be a significant liability in the state of Louisiana. In fact, stealing an alligator can land you up to 10 years in prison, so you should always make sure to keep proof of ownership on hand when you take your alligator out for a stroll. Just remember not to tie it to a fire hydrant, since that’s also illegal.

You cannot legally dare someone to go on train tracks owned by someone else

A game of truth or dare could quickly get out of hand in Louisiana, as it is against the law to dare someone to go on someone else’s train tracks. It won’t just be your friend who is in trouble for trespassing on private property.

Mocking contestants in a boxing match is illegal

Hecklers should stay home from any boxing matches held in the Bayou State, since mocking contestants in a boxing match is against the law. On a related note, fake wrestling matches are also forbidden by Louisiana law.

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