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Finding a Job After a Criminal Conviction

September 7, 2018

Being convicted of a crime—whether it’s a felony or a misdemeanor—sticks with you long after you’ve fulfilled your sentence. And, unfortunately, one of the areas where a criminal conviction can have the strongest impact is on your employability, which can make it difficult to put your life back together and get a job after you’ve been found guilty of a crime. That’s why it’s so important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you and work to minimize your charges. If you are still convicted of a crime, you can make job hunting easier with the following tips.

Run a background check on yourself.

Knowing what your employers will see about you on a background check is helpful because it will give you insight on what to disclose in your application. While not all background checks are the same and some may be more in-depth than others, running a criminal background check on yourself can give you a good idea of what employers are likely to see.

Don’t lie about your criminal history.

Almost all employers run background checks, so if you lie on your application about your criminal record, it’s likely to get discovered. Be honest and upfront, and, if it’s been years since the conviction occurred, emphasize to potential employers that it was a one-time mistake from your younger years.

Write a great resume.

You cannot hide a criminal history, but you can play up qualities that make it worth hiring you. Presenting a strong resume can help you get further in the application process, which can help you make a positive impression with employers that can outshine your record. In many cases, good qualifications for a job can outweigh a criminal record when the crime you were charged with isn’t directly related to the job you’re applying for. Additionally, you can show that you’ve changed from your past self by adding things like volunteer service and charitable work to your resume, so don’t discount opportunities to give back to your community.

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