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How to Assess the Strength of Your Criminal Attorney

July 13, 2018

The selection of a criminal defense attorney is one of the most impactful decisions you’ll ever make. The outcome of your criminal case will directly affect your freedom, employment, reputation, and perhaps even your familial relationships. It’s essential to choose a strong criminal attorney with the right background and skills necessary to successfully defend you in court.

Length of Time Practicing Law

Experience is everything. Don’t make the mistake of selecting an attorney who has only recently passed the Bar exam. If you lose your criminal case, you could wind up behind bars. It’s worth the time to look for an attorney who has a couple of decades of experience.

Roots in the Community

A strong criminal defense attorney is one who has set down roots in the community. This is significant because local residents know their communities well. A local attorney will have worked extensively in the city and county court systems, and so he or she will have a keen understanding of how best to navigate those court systems.

Scope of Legal Work

Plenty of attorneys handle a wide range of cases. For example, a personal injury lawyer may also handle family law or employment law cases. But an effective criminal attorney will only handle criminal law cases. When you choose a lawyer who exclusively deals with criminal charges, you can rest assured you’re receiving informed legal counseling.

Policies of the Law Office

Another way to assess how dedicated your attorney is to providing quality representation is to take a look at the policies of the law office. A dedicated attorney knows that criminal defendants may require legal counseling at any time of the day or night, and so he or she will be available at all hours.


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