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Fact or Fiction? A Look at Utah’s Crazy Laws

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July 6, 2015

From laws holding husbands accountable for their wives’ criminal acts to laws making it illegal to sell alcohol in emergencies, Utah is rumored to have some pretty absurd laws still on the books. On various Internet sites, including Twitter and, these rumored Utah laws are reported to be truth. But, even if the Internet proclaims a crazy Utah law exists, readers should hesitate before accepting the rumors at truth.

Illegal whale hunting

Even though Utah is rumored for barring whale hunting, the term “whale” doesn’t actually appear anywhere in the Utah code. However, the federal government’s Marine Mammal Protection Act does make it unlawful for any person or vessel to capture a species of whale in the course of commercial whaling. This federal regulation applies to any jurisdiction of the United States. Though a whale is unlikely to be found habituating the Great Salt Lake, it’s equally illegal to capture a whale in Utah as it is to capture a whale in any United States jurisdiction.

Fishing from horseback

Many Utah fishermen get ready to drop their lines once the ice melts from the state’s lakes. But, there’s a rumor that fishing from horseback is against Utah law. In reality, the 2014 Utah Fishing Guidebook has no mention of fishing from horseback. It does, however, address fishing with a crossbow. Additionally, the Utah Water Quality Act frowns upon anyone discharging harmful pollutants into the lakes.

Milk intake requirements

Getting plenty of calcium each day may be doctor recommended, but failing to do so is not actually against Utah law. However, the Utah Criminal Code does prohibit milk buyers from unfairly discriminating against specific communities, localities, or cities throughout the state. Doing so constitutes an offense against public health, safety, welfare, and morals.

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