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Criminal Law Blog

Why You Need a Lawyer If You Are Charged with Theft

Like most people, you probably don’t expect to get in trouble with the law. However, there are a number of circumstances that could end with you in handcuffs. For example, your arrest could be the result of simply being in the wrong place at…

Eating Roadkill in West Virginia

Imagine coming home after a long day at work. You detect an odd but intriguing scent from the kitchen as your partner yells, “Dinner’s ready!” You sit down at the table and your partner slides a plate of strange-looking meat in front of you.…

Watering Your Lawn on an Odd-Numbered Day in Minnesota is a Crime

When you water your lawn, do you think about your house number? How about the date on your calendar? If you’re planning on moving to Minnesota, you must have these details in mind or else risk a fine. Many towns in Minnesota institute something…

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