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A Look at the Juvenile Court System in Arizona

January 14, 2016

If your child has been charged with a crime in Arizona, you may be worried about the punishments he or she will face as well as the long-term repercussions of the offense. In the state of Arizona, there are specially designated courts to handle juvenile crimes, and the process will look different than that of adults facing criminal charges. Below you can learn more about the juvenile court system, which you will be able to successfully navigate with the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney.

The prosecution process

In Arizona’s juvenile courts, there is a flow chart that will determine the justice process for the defendant. A court attorney review will influence the outcome of the case, which will often result in diversion or a hearing in juvenile court. In extreme circumstances, a minor may be charged as an adult with direct filing in city, state, or county courts. Charges might also be dropped after a review with the court attorney.

Possible punishments for juveniles

Just as there is a dedicated court system for juveniles, there are special punishments and facilities for underage offenders. In the worst cases, minors will spend time in a juvenile detention center as a result of their charges. More frequently, punishment might include fines, diversion classes, probation, and verbal warnings.

Court records for minors  

As a parent, you might be most concerned with how criminal charges as a minor can impact future educational and career opportunities for your child. In Arizona, there are procedures to have records sealed or expunged, creating a fresh start at the age of 18.

Because the juvenile court system is so different than the adult justice system, you will not want to hesitate to call an attorney when your child is facing criminal charges. With the representation of Janet Altschuler, Attorney at Law, you can ensure a brighter future for your child with experienced criminal defense for charges including illegal weapons possession, drug charges, theft, vandalism, and underage drinking. To schedule a consultation with Ms. Altschuler in Tucson, call (520) 247-1789.

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