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A Look at Pima County Juvenile Justice Programs

May 11, 2015

Police officer with teen juvenile delinquent

Before the age of 18 is when people see the most personal development, and when they establish many of the habits they will carry into adulthood. Many youths show troubling signs of disobedience or unlawfulness at a young age, placing their futures at great risk. Harsh punishment is not the right answer for these troubled youths, which is why Pima County Arizona has developed several juvenile justice programs to help teens get back on the right track.

Disproportionate Minority Contact Intervention

Recent high-profile cases across the country have shed light on the mistreatment of racial minorities by police. Young people of color are unfairly targeted in Pima County, too. Fortunately, a number of programs are working hard to achieve equality. Disproportionate Minority Contact Model Intervention Project partners include Chicanos por la Causa, Community Partnership of Southern Arizona, and the Tucson Police Department.

Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative
Arresting and detaining delinquent youths costs money and can have a negative impact on their futures. That’s why Pima County is exploring smart alternatives for correcting delinquent behavior. The Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative works hard to foster cultural understanding, communication, and address underlying social problems. Thanks to the JDAI’s efforts, referrals and detentions have gone down significantly in the past 15 years.

Juvenile Justice Model Court

Once minors are detained, it’s important that they are treated 100% fairly. Juvenile Justice Model Court is dedicated to ensuring justice for all youth cases and developing practices that deliver the most socially responsible solutions for each individual. The JJMC helps make sure that youths have skilled representation, respect, and understanding.

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