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A Look at Examples of Embezzlement

February 5, 2016

Embezzlement is a type of white collar crime that typically takes place in corporate environments, where individual employees may have authority over property or funds that are misused through manipulation of financial records. In order to constitute embezzlement, there must be a fiduciary relationship between two parties, the defendant in the case must have acquired property or money through that relationship, and the property in question must have transferred ownership to someone else—the defendant or another outside party. What’s more is that the crime must have been intentional. Here’s a look at some of the specific instances of embezzlement that may result in criminal charges.


Generally, a kickback will occur when a vendor provides money to an individual employee to continue the company’s relationship with that particular vendor. In many cases, this agreement will include arrangements to inflate prices for certain products to provide benefits to the vendor.

Misuse of payroll

Payroll scams in which non-employees receive paychecks from a company are also considered embezzlement. Typically, this type of crime would be committed by a payroll manager or HR representative who would have access to the company payroll.


One of the simplest types of embezzlement is siphoning, in which an employee will pocket the cash from a transaction without entering the purchase into the computer so that the cash in the drawer matches the register’s count at the end of a shift.

Falsification of overtime

Hourly employees might commit embezzlement by falsifying overtime, which typically occurs by punching the time clock well before or after a shift begins or ends.

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