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What to Expect if You Violate Your Probation

July 15, 2015

Usually when a judge orders probation, he or she will provide a brief overview of the rules you must follow. This normally includes meeting with your probation officer on a regular basis, following all laws, and abstaining from drugs and alcohol. If you violate these rules, the consequences you face depend on many factors, including the severity of your violation and your probation violation history.


Your first probation violation usually results in a warning from your probation officer, as he or she may want to minimize the judge’s caseload, especially if your violation was not very serious. However, your probation officer will probably warn you of the consequences you face if you continue to violate probation. If you continue to follow the rules after this warning, then you shouldn’t have any further issues.

Community service

If your probation officer orders you to perform community service, it is meant to rehabilitate you or correct your behavior. Your probation officer might also order you to rehab if your probation violation involved drugs or alcohol. Examples of drug and alcohol-related offenses include failing a drug test or being found in possession of drugs. If your probation officer feels that an underlying mental or emotional reason led to the violation, then he or she may order you to counseling instead.


You may have to pay additional fines to the victim of the original crime or the crime that caused you to violate your probation. If your violation did not involve a victim, you may have to pay fines to the court itself. Additionally, you may face a brief period of jail time as punishment. Depending on the circumstances of your violation, the judge may revoke your probation and require you to serve your remaining sentence in jail.

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