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What to Do If You’re Arrested

November 25, 2016

Whether you are arrested for a minor violation or you are charged with a felony, knowing how to deal with it can make your life a great deal easier. Your first task will be to post bail and talk to a lawyer, and then you’ll need to make sure you appear at your court date. Here is a closer look at what you should do if you are arrested.

Post Bail

Once you have been arrested, you will first want to figure out how you will post bail. Posting bail means paying a certain amount of money so that you can be released from jail and prepare your defense in the comfort of your own home. The amount that qualifies as bail will vary depending on your criminal history and the nature of the crime, and sometimes there is no bail set at all. If you cannot afford to post bail, you can talk to friends, family members, or a bail bondsman.

Talk to a Lawyer

An arrest is a big deal, and it can be difficult to plead your case by yourself. This is why it helps to hire a lawyer no matter how clean your background is or what you were arrested for. You will want to talk to a reputable lawyer as soon as you can so you can start to form your defense and figure out how to represent yourself in court.

Make Your Date

Even after posting bail and talking to a lawyer, you will still need to return to court for your hearing. It’s absolutely imperative that you make this meeting; if you don’t, a warrant may automatically be sanctioned for your arrest. You and your lawyer should both show up to your court date early and prepared. In some cases, your attorney may show up on your behalf.

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