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Visiting Minnesota? Check Out These Crazy State Laws!

September 20, 2015

Every state in the United States has crazy state laws that are outdated, useless, or simply comical. The state of Minnesota is no exception; although several of the state’s “craziest” laws have been proven fictitious, there are still several authentic strange state laws that have remained in effect in both state and local legislation. Keep reading to learn more about just a few of the crazy laws you might encounter when visiting the state of Minnesota.

Bingo Limits

Charitable gambling has been legal in the state of Minnesota since 1945. However, the state laws originally in place to regulate such gambling restricted nursing homes and senior centers to only two days of bingo per week. Furthermore, individuals visiting friends or family in nursing homes and senior centers were prohibited from participating in bingo events. This crazy state law remained in effect until it was recently overturned this year.

Public Drunkenness

Although most crazy laws appear to be historical in nature, a law enacted as recently as 2010 states that “No person may be charged with or convicted of the offense of drunkenness or public drunkenness.” Thus, public drunkenness is not considered a punishable offense of any sort in Minnesota.

Mosquito Nuisances

Mosquitoes are a common and widespread nuisance in much of the United States. In Minnesota, state law declares that areas where mosquitoes are incubated or hatched are considered a “public nuisance” and may be subject to governmental pest abatement as overseen by an established mosquito abatement board.

Despite the fact that these crazy state laws exist, the vast majority of state laws remain important and relevant in modern times. If you have legal questions about criminal charges you are facing in Arizona, Tucson Attorney Janet Altschuler can help—you can reach our law firm by calling (520) 829-1741, or contact us or toll-free at (866) 377-7808. You’ll also find more information about our criminal defense services when you visit us on the web.

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