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How Do Violent Offenses Differ from Other Crimes?

February 23, 2018

Crimes can differ dramatically in their severity, and the same is true of the potential charges that may come with a conviction. When an individual is accused of a violent crime, the potential consequences may be much more severe than those associated with non-violent crimes. In addition, violent crimes can much more significantly alter the public reputation of an accused individual. For these reasons, it’s essential to hire an attorney you can trust to defend your rights if you are facing violent criminal charges, such as armed robbery, manslaughter, or aggravated assault.

A weapon was likely present at the crime.
Weapons are not necessary for violent criminal charges, but they are often involved. When a weapon is part of the crime, there may be allegations included with the charge sheet. If these allegations are proven or admitted in court, then the accused individual may serve a longer sentence as a result.

Offenders may face prison time.
Violent offenses are felony offenses, and those come with the threat of prison time. Prison sentences for violent crimes can vary substantially, but prison time will be at least one year. Violent offenses tend to carry longer sentences with a lower likelihood for future probation or early release.

Violent charges can weigh on future charges.
If you have a violent charge on your record, you may have a harder time building a defense to future accusations if you are accused of a subsequent crime. This can be true even if you have served your time and the secondary crime in question is a non-violent offense.

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