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How Road Rage Can Result in Criminal Charges

January 26, 2018

With a busy morning commute, holiday traffic, and construction around every corner, it’s easy to occasionally get frustrated driving around Tucson. When you start to feel annoyed with other drivers on the road, however, you should take a moment to get your anger in check, since it could end in criminal charges—not to mention undue injuries and emotional trauma. Road rage is a common issue among many drivers, but it does not have to escalate to the following criminal charges, which will require the services of an experienced criminal lawyer serving Southern Arizona.

Though road rage may usually be limited to obscene gestures or some harsh words directed at other drivers, it can escalate to an encounter in which two drivers have pulled over to engage in a confrontation. If you threaten violence to another driver, reach for a weapon, or take a swing at the other driver, you may later be charged with assault because of the incident. You do not have to strike someone to be charged with assault, as the threat of violence is enough to constitute a case—especially if a weapon is involved.

Even if you stay inside your vehicle during a road rage encounter, you could be charged with harassing another driver if you aggressively tailgate, wave a weapon or a finger menacingly, or try to run the individual off the road. A moment of frustration can quickly get out of hand with these actions, so be sure to remain calm on the road and remember that another driver’s mistake was likely not intentional, so don’t take it personally.

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