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No Whaling Allowed, and Other Crazy Oklahoma Laws

February 20, 2015

There was a time when Oklahoma was considered a frontier. Back then, strange laws maybe didn’t seem so strange. Then again, it’s hard to imagine a world in which the following rules actually benefited society.

No Sharing Hamburgers

In Oklahoma, it’s supposedly forbidden to take a bite of another’s hamburger or let another person take a bite of your hamburger. Now what could be the purpose of this law? Preventing the spread of disease? Maybe. Or maybe lawmakers got sick of their colleagues stealing bites at Oklahoma Legislature picnics: “Representative Johnson, get your paws off my Big Mac at once!”

No Wearing Boots to Bed

Wearing boots to bed isn’t just tacky—it’s against the law in Oklahoma. Even if you’re just coming off of a 16-hour day of wrestling hogs, shucking corn, and bucking hay, you need to take your boots off before collapsing into bed. You can count sheep—just don’t try to wrangle them.

No Pretend Sex with Buffaloes

In the state of Oklahoma, the owner of a bar cannot permit patrons to engage in simulated sex acts with buffaloes. Technically, the statute actually prohibits all kinds of real and simulated sex acts in bars, but some esteemed citizens think it’s funny to bring buffaloes into the mix. Besides, everyone knows you should buy the buffalo a drink first.

No Whaling

Whales are some of the most majestic creatures on the planet. However, since Oklahoma is a landlocked state, it seems pretty strange for there be a “no whaling” law on the books. Imagine a conversation between a confused Oklahoman and a state legislator: “Why is there a ‘no whaling’ law?” “Well, to prevent you from hunting whales, of course.” “But I literally can’t.” “Great! It works!”

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