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Mass Chaos: Strange Massachusetts Laws

November 4, 2016

Massachusetts natives tend to be known for their accents, but their state also has some strange laws on the books that might catch your attention. Be careful when you take a nap in this state, because there are laws governing snoring. Additionally you can’t put too much alcohol in candy, and your gun should be coming with you to church on Sundays. Keep reading if you’d like to take a closer look at some of the strangest Massachusetts laws.

Snoring Has Rules

Whether you have sleep apnea or you had a bit too much to drink, don’t let your snoring get out of control in Massachusetts. One peculiar law doesn’t completely ban snoring, but it does provide some very specific rules. If you are going to be snoring in Massachusetts, make sure the windows in your bedroom are both closed and locked.

Candy Can’t Be Too Alcoholic

Alcoholic candy might sound like a great idea to some people, and technically it’s legal in Massachusetts. If you’re going to sell alcoholic candy to another person, you’ll need to make sure it contains no more than one percent alcohol. This applies to liquid or syrup ingredients in the candy.

Bring Your Guns to Church

Many people visit out of state relatives during the holidays. If your typical holiday celebrations include going to church, there’s one law you should know about before you head to Massachusetts. Massachusetts has one law on the books that requires men to bring their rifles with them to church on Sundays.

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