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Make Sense of Outrageous Nebraska Laws

November 11, 2016

Of all the odd laws out there, some of the funkiest can be found in Nebraska. From diseases that may prevent you from getting married to laws banning children from belching during church service, you’ll want to look into Nebraska’s strange laws before heading there. Even if you live in Nebraska, you should research the law regarding bar owners brewing soup before opening up your own tavern. Continue on and try to make sense of these outrageous Nebraska laws.

You Can’t Marry with Gonorrhea

Modern laws governing marriage have been under significant debate for years, but Nebraska has one law that is particularly unusual. The law states that both the male and the female involved in the marriage must be at least seventeen years of age, but that is not the strange part. If either party has a venereal disease like gonorrhea, the marriage cannot legally take place. This is one Nebraska law that would be awkward to enforce.

Children Mustn’t Burp In Church

It’s always important to mind your manners, especially in a setting like church. A strange Nebraska law encourages children to be extra respectful, however; unless they want their parents to get in trouble. According to Nebraska law, a parent can be placed under arrest if his or her child burps during church.

Bar Owners Must Brew Soup

A bar owner typically needs to serve beer in order to keep the business running. In Nebraska, bar owners must be brewing a kettle of soup at the same time as they sell their beer. If they aren’t, the act is technically unlawful.

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