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Looking at Common Drug Charges

August 7, 2015

Arizona law treats drug charges very seriously, as they can lead to prison time, permanent criminal record and tarnished reputation. When Arizona odds are stacked against you, it’s important to contact a Tucson defense lawyer who is familiar with the local system. Your Arizona drug attorney can also help you understand consequences you face under particular circumstances.

Arizona drug classifications

Charges and potential penalties for Arizona drug possession depend on the type of drug in question. In fact, the state has a very clear method of designating different drugs and prescribing specific penalties for those designations. For example, under Arizona law, controlled substances include dangerous drugs, narcotics and marijuana.

Possession of dangerous drugs

Dangerous drugs include methamphetamines, LSD, steroids, psilocybic mushrooms, mescalin, and ecstasy. If you are charged with possession of dangerous drugs, then you face Class One Misdemeanor charges. This results in up to six months in jail time and fines reaching $2,500. Possession of cocaine, heroin and oxycodone are considered Class Five Felony charges, which carry a potential 18-month prison sentence. Arizona marijuana laws are almost more complex than laws governing drugs considered more addictive and dangerous. For example, possession of less than two pounds is considered a Class Six Felony, which carries a potential year in prison.

Sentencing and penalties

If you’re charged with possession of a controlled substance, you may qualify for deferred prosecution. This allows the state to keep you out of jail while giving you a second chance. However, it isn’t available under all circumstances, so you should consult with a Tucson criminal lawyer about this option in your case. If deferred prosecution applies, the state will hold off prosecution you while you participate in a probationary term. If successful in deferred prosecution, then your original charges will be dropped. However, if you don’t complete probation, you will face prosecution for your drug charges.

Even drug crimes that seem minor can carry very serious consequences. If you’re facing drug charges in Arizona, defense lawyer Janet Altschuler can help. Call (520) 829-1741 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your situation.

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