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Learn the Craziest Laws in Kentucky

June 30, 2017

As time changes, we expect the law to change accordingly. However, there are still a handful of exceptionally strange laws that remain on the books to this day. Fortunately you can’t be punished with a year in prison for throwing eggs at speakers anymore, but that makes you wonder why selling a few—as opposed to more than six—blue ducklings is still technically considered illegal. Feel free to read on if you would like to learn about some of the craziest laws that Kentucky has on the books.

Prison Time for Throwing Eggs at Speakers

Once upon a time, throwing eggs at public speakers could land you a year in prison. Although this Kentucky law was eventually repealed, it’s still worth noting that there was such a specific punishment for such a specific crime. At least if you go to see a public speaker in Kentucky and you’re less than thrilled with the performance, you won’t necessarily be guaranteed a year in prison if you decide to throw an egg.

No Selling Fewer Than Half a Dozen Blue Ducks

Selling ducklings for a profit doesn’t seem like a go-to business venture for most people. If you do decide to get into the business and you want to sell your ducks in Kentucky, you will have to be sure to sell more than 6 at a time. This law actually applies to rabbits and chicks as well, so you should expect to sell your obscure livestock products in bulk.

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