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How to Get Released Early from Jail

August 21, 2020

Jail terms tend to be much shorter than prison terms. However, no one wants to be behind bars any longer than they have to, and if you or a loved one is in jail, you’re probably already daydreaming about the release date. Fortunately, you might not have to wait that long. It is often possible to get released from jail early. Talk to a criminal defense attorney about your case.

Explore the possibility of post-conviction bail.

You probably already know that bail is a means of getting released from jail pending trial. But did you know it’s also sometimes possible to be released on bail after a conviction? If you’re having your criminal defense attorney file an appeal in an attempt to overturn your conviction, you may be eligible. When deciding whether to grant post-conviction bail, the judge will consider the seriousness of the crime, your past criminal history, and your ties to the community. The judge will also consider whether you’ve previously appeared for court hearings.

Take advantage of new legislation.

It’s worthwhile to periodically check for new legislation that might affect your situation. In Arizona, for example, legislation signed in 2019 can enable thousands of inmates to be released early from jail. When Gov. Ducey signed Senate Bill 1310, it allowed individuals who have been convicted solely on drug offenses to be eligible for an early release after completing just 70% of their sentence. (Other inmates in the state are required to serve at least 85% of their sentence.)

Request a compassionate release.

A compassionate release may be granted for medical or humanitarian reasons. For example, if you have a severe or chronic health condition, your lawyer may ask for an early release based on the grounds that it is difficult or impossible to properly manage your condition while incarcerated. In recent months, many inmates have been granted a compassionate release in an attempt to reduce jail populations that are vulnerable to the coronavirus.

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