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How COVID Is Affecting Arizona Court Schedules

April 9, 2021

COVID-19 has significantly impacted the court schedules across Arizona. In an effort to keep everyone participating in the legal process safe, adjustments have been that have led to many delays in court cases as well as many virtual hearings conducted over Zoom. If you’re facing criminal charges, your defense attorney will explain how COVID-19 protocols will affect your particular case. Here is a look at some of the adjustments that Arizona courts have been making due to COVID-19. 

Electronic Hearings

As courts across the country have done, Arizona is conducting many cases virtually. Virtual hearings allow for a case to be heard without everyone having to meet in person, thereby cutting the risk of COVID exposure. These cases may also be livestreamed from the courtroom to the public via YouTube, though the recording is not saved or archived. There are several pros and cons to electronic hearings. Your defense lawyer will explain what to expect if your case is conducted in this format. 

Case Delays

In some instances, courts are opting to delay cases in hopes of holding trials in person after the pandemic. Different courts throughout the state are handling delays differently, so your attorney will explain the situation in the court in which your case will be held. There are also certain kinds of cases that are not being heard at all currently, such as eviction proceedings. 

In-Person Case Procedures

When cases are held in person, there are measures in place to lower the risk of the spread of COVID. This includes additional cleaning protocols, and in most courts, masks are required. People who are not directly involved in cases are discouraged from coming to courthouses, to maximize social distancing. 

The legal process may be different right now, but if you’re facing criminal charges, they are no less serious. You need a defense attorney fighting for your rights as soon you’re arrested. In Tucson, defense lawyer Janet Altschuler will make sure you get the representation you need in court, no matter how your case is being heard. To discuss your case with our attorney, call (520) 247-1789.

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