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What Happens If You Get a DUI Out of State?

June 16, 2017

Getting a DUI is serious under any conditions, but getting one when you’re out of state can be particularly difficult. Being charged while out of state can affect the punishment you’re subjected to and the money you’ll spend, so you’ll want a qualified lawyer on your side. Here’s what happens if you get a DUI out of state.

You’ll Be Subject to Punishment

If you’re convicted of a DUI, you’ll receive punishment no matter where you are. Things tend to get somewhat tricky when you’re arrested for this type of crime while out of state, however. When the police pull you over and arrest you for a DUI when you’re outside of your home state, you might end up dealing with punishments from the state you’re in as well as the state you’re from.

You’ll Spend Money

Even if your home state decides not to do anything about your out of state DUI, you still might end up spending more money than you would on an in-state DUI charge. If your home state leaves everything up to the officials in the state where the alleged crime occurred, you’ll have to go back to that state for your court dates. This means you’ll have to spend money on travel, and you may lose money from being out of work.

You’ll Need a Lawyer

No matter where you are when you get a DUI, you should work with a lawyer. Due to all of the additional hassles that you might deal with, you’ll want to have someone qualified on your side to make the process easier.

If you are accused of a DUI while you’re out of your home state, remember to call Janet Altschuler at (520) 247-1789. Ms. Altschuler is a competent attorney who specializes in DUIs, so stop by her website to learn about what she can do for you.

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