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What Happens When You Commit a Crime Without Knowing It?

September 29, 2017

The justice system can be tricky sometimes, and there are some areas that are open to interpretation. If you unknowingly commit a crime, you should know that you could still be arrested, so you should work with a lawyer. Here’s a quick look at what happens when you commit a crime without knowing it.

Being Arrested

A crime is a crime, and you can face the consequences whether you realize that you’ve committed it or not. People are often confused as to what kind of role state of mind plays in the commission and fault of a crime. You may think that certain states of mind excuse the perpetrator of committing the crime, and there are situations where this is the case. However, it is our duty as citizens to understand and uphold the law, and we can be charged with a crime whether we know that we committed it or not.

Mistake of Fact Vs. Mistake of Law

Arguing that the law doesn’t make sense typically won’t make for a very good defense. Whether you agree with the law or not, you’re still required to follow it, and to pay the consequences if you don’t. Mistake of fact, on the other hand, seeks to prove that you didn’t know you were in violation of the law and that you wouldn’t have taken a certain action if you understood that it was illegal.

Hiring a Lawyer

Whether you committed a crime with or without knowing it, you can always hire a lawyer to help you plead your case. Lawyers know the ins and outs of the law, and they can help you create your defense.

If you’re arrested for a crime that you committed, whether knowingly or unknowingly, call Janet Altschuler at (520) 247-1789. Ms. Altschuler is a competent attorney who specializes in drug crime, embezzlement, and drug possession cases. Feel free to visit her website for more information.

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