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Tips For Finding a Job with a Criminal Record

September 29, 2023

In addition to legal penalties like prison sentences and fines, a criminal conviction can have another unintentional consequence: It can negatively impact your ability to find a job. Many employers will hesitate to hire individuals with criminal convictions, and many jobs may not even give your resume a passing glance. Criminal defense attorney Janet Altschuler realizes how difficult this situation can be, and she is here to offer her top tips for finding a job with a criminal record. 

Research Local Regulations

While some employers may refuse to hire anyone with a criminal conviction, there may be legislation in place that makes this practice illegal. For example, some areas have laws that prohibit employers from rejecting your job application solely based on your criminal record. You may also have the right to explain your criminal record and make a case for yourself to your potential employer. This information is freely available, so it’s easy to look it up before you start your job search. 

Find Fair Chance Employers

For every employer that attempts to avoid hiring people with criminal records, there is an employer that is willing to give you a chance. There are many companies that practice ‘fair chance’ or ‘second chance’ hiring, which means that they are open to hiring individuals with criminal records. These employers recognize that most people are simply trying to move on with their lives and want to make meaningful contributions to society. ‘Fair chance’ employers exist in various industries, so you don’t have to limit yourself to just one type of job. 

Get People to Vouch for You

Even if you have a criminal record, it is still possible that there are people willing to give you a positive professional reference. These references can attest to the strength of your character and convince potential employers that they can trust you, even if you have a criminal record. While good references definitely include former employers, you can also get positive character references from former teachers, religious or community leaders, or even supervisors from organizations you have done volunteer work for. Not only do you want your references to vouch for your ability to perform a certain job’s duties, but you also want them to prove your dependability. 

Look For Help

If you’re having trouble finding a job on your own, don’t be afraid to look for help. There are various organizations that are committed to helping people with criminal records find jobs. A quick Google search can help you get started. Many of these organizations are nonprofit and will offer their services to you at no charge. 

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