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FAQs About Assault Charges

September 10, 2021

Assault is a serious criminal charge. If you are arrested for assault, you will need a criminal defense attorney to assist with your case from the start, before you answer any questions from law enforcement. In Arizona, there are multiple forms of assault charges, depending on the nature of alleged crime. One of the things that your assault attorney is likely to do in your case is fight for your charges to be reduced to the lowest level possible. If you are arrested for assault, you likely have many questions about what to expect. Here is what you need to know. 

What is the penalty for an assault conviction?

Penalties for assaults vary greatly depending on the circumstances of the crime. A simple assault charge may result in six months of imprisonment, for example, while an aggravated assault charge could lead to a prison term ranging from 18 months to eight years. A priority for your criminal defense attorney in assault cases will be to get the charges reduced to a lower level, to minimize the potential penalty for the case. 

What are some of the reasons assault charges get upgraded?

There are several different things that can cause simple assault charges to get upgraded to more serious charges. Using a weapon during the assault, restraining the victim, breaking into a home to commit the assault, or causing physical disfigurement during the assault can lead to aggravated assault charges. Additionally, assault on a teacher, police officer, member of the court, healthcare worker, or park ranger also leads to more serious charges, as do assaults on domestic partners and people under 15. 

What should I do if I am arrested for assault?

If you are arrested for assault, do not answer any questions during police interrogation without a lawyer present. Ask for a defense attorney right away and stay quiet until they arrive, so you don’t inadvertently say anything that could be used against you. 

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