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Factors that Can Impact Assault Charges

June 9, 2017

Sometimes situations can spiral out of control, and the police might be called as a result. Every situation is different, and there are always moving factors that can influence the way an altercation plays out. Continue reading to learn about some of the factors that you should think about.

Past Convictions

No matter what kind of charge you’re facing, your history will most likely be a factor. Remember that the point of the justice system is to keep dangerous people off the streets, but not everyone who is charged with a crime is necessarily dangerous. If you have had a couple of encounters with the system, you will be judged more harshly. Everyone makes mistakes, however, and assault often occurs in the heat of the moment. So, first time offenders may be treated with more lenience.

Characteristics of the Victim

If you’ve been charged with assault, it’s important to think about who the alleged victim of the crime was. Assaulting a child will come with a steeper punishment than assaulting someone your own age, and assaulting a minority may be construed as a hate crime. In other words, getting into a bar fight and hitting a minor can be seen very differently in the eyes of the law.

Nature of the Crime

It’s crucial to understand the circumstances, especially when it comes to an assault allegation. If you feel threatened or think that you’re in danger, sometimes assault is the only way to safety. Remember, it’s not illegal to defend yourself in a physical yet reasonable manner when you’re in danger. If you had a valid, legal reason for committing assault, this can help your case.

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