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How Drug Possession Charges Can Stick with You

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May 11, 2018

Jail time is typically the first thing brought to mind when one hears the phrase “drug possession charges.” But long after you’ve served your sentence and paid your fine, a conviction can affect your life in surprising ways. And unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily matter how hard you’ve worked to turn your life around. Once people see a conviction on your record, they will instantly form a negative impression of you. The best way to protect your future is to call a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.


Probation is a common penalty for convicted drug offenders. Even if your criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid jail time, you could face a period of intense supervision. While on probation, you’ll have to check in with your probation officer at pre-determined intervals. You’ll also be randomly drug tested. If you’re found in violation of the conditions of your probation, you could be sent to jail.


It’s standard practice for landlords to run background checks on prospective tenants before deciding whether to rent the property to them. And since most landlords wouldn’t want to risk having criminal activity take place in their rental units, it’ll be tough for you to secure a lease. Convicted criminals often find themselves staying with family or friends, or renting an apartment in an undesirable area of town.


One of the most challenging aspects of being convicted of drug possession is trying to land a job after serving jail time. Know that maintaining gainful employment is a typical condition of probation, so you’ll need to find a job as quickly as you can. But depending on the nature of your previous profession and the specific drug possession charges, you may also find yourself stripped of professional licenses or certifications.


As difficult as it is to find housing and a job after a conviction of drug possession, perhaps the most emotionally challenging aspect of a convict’s new life is the effect on family relations. It’s tough to feel like your family no longer trusts or respects you. This is particularly true if you need to rely on them for help getting back on your feet.

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