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Don’t Sing Off Key in North Carolina and Other Wacky Laws

January 8, 2015

Most laws are easy to follow. For example, you can probably go a full day without stealing or vandalizing property. There are some laws, however, that you can break without even realizing it. Other laws are so absurd that you wouldn’t even think to violate them in the first place. North Carolina is one of many states where you’ll encounter a long list of absurd laws. Here are just a few.

Don’t Sing Off Key

If you’re planning on singing in North Carolina, you should strongly consider taking voice lessons. According to an old myth, it’s technically illegal to sing off key in the state. The origin of this law is thought to come from a 19th century court case in which a man was fined for singing loudly and poorly. However, the case may have had more to do with disturbing the peace than being out of tune.

Don’t Steal More Than $1000 of Grease

For most people, grease is just another form of waste. For others, it’s a valuable fuel source. The sudden demand for grease has led North Carolina to add another law to its books—it is now illegal for anyone to steal more than $1000 worth of grease. If you happen to see $999 worth of grease, by all means, take it—but God help you if you take $1000 worth.

Elephants Cannot Plow Cotton Fields

If you happen to have a pet elephant, it’s probably not a good idea to plant cotton. Though your elephant may be strong and vigorous, North Carolina law won’t let you use him to plow your cotton fields. This law shouldn’t make you too sad; a tractor is much better suited to plowing, anyway.

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This article is part of a collection of The Most Ridiculous Laws in the United States! Some of these laws are downright hard to believe. Do you know what might be illegal in your state?