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Don’t Let Your Dog Pursue a Bear or Bobcat in California- it’s Illegal!

December 10, 2014

Hunting has a long tradition in the United States. A good dog and a trusty rifle were especially important for taming the California frontier during the 19th century. However, most people agree that modern-day California is civilized—even despite the wild antics of some Hollywood celebrities. As a result, some old hunting practices have been deemed unnecessary and even cruel.

On January 1, 2013, it became illegal for Californians to hunt bears and bobcats with the aid of dogs. The idea is that hunting large ferocious mammals in this way is cruel to both the dogs and the animals being hunted. However, many hunters insist that hunting with dogs is an ancient tradition that is actually more humane than the circumstances large mammals endure in the wild.

Though it’s now illegal to hunt bears with the assistance of dogs, bear hunting without dogs is still legal, and some would say necessary. California allows hunters to harvest a total of 1,700 black bears each year to help control the population. Bobcat hunting in California is similarly regulated. Individual hunters can hunt no more than five bobcats per season, which runs from October 15 through February 28.

If you’re planning to hunt bears or bobcats in California, leave your pooch at home. Though it may be tempting to relive the ancient tradition of hunting with a hound, doing so may expose your dog to injury or yourself to persecution. If your best friend is feeling sad about missing the hunt, you can always save him a piece of jerky.

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