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Don’t Break These Crazy Laws in North Carolina

June 23, 2017

You might be heading to North Carolina to visit a family member or conduct business, but either way, you should be aware of some of the strange laws in the area. Singing out of key is technically illegal, which can make the road trip extra rough. Additionally, you can’t technically legally have sexual intercourse without abiding by the proper protocol, and even bingo games can be regulated.

You Must Sing In Key

If you want to be a singer, you have to start somewhere, but North Carolina might not be the place to hone your skills. According to one law on the books, it’s illegal to sing out of key. Although it’s a difficult regulation to enforce, it could be particularly problematic for karaoke nights on vacation.

Very Specific Sexual Conditions

You would think that the government doesn’t have much of a place in the bedroom. That’s why it’s strange that there is a law in North Carolina that says you can only legally have sex in the missionary position. Interestingly enough, the law also dictates that you have to have the shades pulled—which makes it even more strange, as no one should be able to see through your blinds to check.

Bingo Regulations

We know that board games with the family can turn into all day affairs, but you better be careful if you’re playing bingo. Unless the bingo game you’re playing in North Carolina is held at a fair, it can’t last for more than 5 hours.

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