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Different Types of Violent Criminal Charges

February 5, 2015

While there are many laws on the books that some people might take issue with, everyone agrees that there should be laws against violent crimes. That said, no one should be convicted of a violent crime without first hiring a criminal defense attorney to argue their side of the story. If you are accused of one of the following violent crimes, consider reaching out to Janet Altschuler of Tucson.

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault is defined as any armed attack or attempted attack, or any unarmed attack that results in serious injury. If the accused uses a weapon, he or she may be charged with aggravated assault regardless of whether the victim suffered any injuries. Simple assault is a physical attack or threat that results in minor injuries or no injuries at all.

Sexual Assault

Rape, a type of sexual assault, is defined as “forced sexual intercourse including both psychological coercion as well as physical force.” Sexual assault may also involve nonconsensual penetration with foreign objects. A verbal threat of rape is considered a type of attempted rape, and may result in criminal charges. Other types of sexual assault include groping, sexual abuse of children, and sexual harassment. Sexual assault and domestic violence are often related.

Hate Crime Victimization

A hate crime is any criminal incident motivated by prejudice, whether it’s based on the victim’s race, sexual orientation, gender, or another distinguishing factor. Any type of sexual assault or aggravated assault may also be considered a hate crime if it’s clear that the victim was specifically targeted for any of the reasons mentioned above. As you can imagine, there is some gray area when it comes to identifying hate crimes; that’s why it’s important to hire an attorney when facing hate crime charges.

Violent crime convictions come with serious consequences. If you have been charged, contact the office of Janet Altschuler, a criminal defense attorney in Tucson. Janet Altschuler will gladly lend her 17 years of experience to your case.

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