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What to Do If Your Child Is in Legal Trouble  

February 9, 2018

Kids will be kids, but they must still abide by the law. Unfortunately, children and teens may not recognize the line between playful fun and breaking the law, and they will rely on parental guidance to help them avoid long-term consequences from an adolescent mistake. If your child has gotten into trouble with the law, you will not want to hesitate to contact a lawyer, but there are other steps you can take to work toward the best possible outcome for your child’s case.

Listen to Your Child’s Side of the Story
You may hear an account of an incident in question from the police or school administrators, but be sure to sit your child down and ask directly what happened. It’s important to get your child’s side of the story and gain an understanding of what happened and why your child acted as he or she did. Be sure to approach this conversation calmly and assure your child that you want to help.

Get the Right Legal Counsel
Don’t hire a lawyer in haste because you aren’t sure what to do. Consult an attorney who is experienced with the juvenile court system, because there are substantial differences in how children and adults are charged for crimes. You should also not assume that you can represent your child in court simply because you are a responsible adult. Legal counsel will be essential for preventing juvenile charges from holding your child back throughout adulthood.

Understand Possible Outcomes
Getting educated about the crimes of which your child has been accused as well as the possible consequences will be important for your family. In addition to talking to your family lawyer, do some research online and seek resources from the local courts to know what type of charges your child is facing.

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