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What to Do If You Are Charged with a DUI

January 11, 2015

Like most drivers, you probably assume that you could never be charged with a DUI. However, there’s always a chance that a police officer could catch you at the worst possible moment, put you in handcuffs, and begin the formal booking process. Even if you’re fairly certain that you will be convicted, you should consider having a skilled lawyer help you address your charges and represent your interests in court.

Post Bail

Shortly after you are charged, a judge will set a bail amount that is directly related to the seriousness of your alleged offense. The bail amount can be anywhere from $50 to thousands of dollars if you are a repeat offender. Once you post bail, you can await your future court dates from home. If a family member cannot provide enough bail money, you might consider obtaining a bail bond.

Contact a Lawyer

Calling a lawyer is the best thing you can do after being charged with a DUI. An attorney can help ensure that your rights are protected while you’re being held in custody. During your arrest, you’ll hear the phrase, “You have the right to remain silent.” To prevent yourself from incriminating yourself, you should exercise this right and let your attorney do the talking for you.

Organize Your Defense

Together, you and your DUI attorney will discuss the details of the case, investigate the circumstances surrounding the arrest, and organize your defense. If the arresting officer fails to follow the proper protocol, it might be possible to get your charges dropped. Even if there’s little doubt that you are guilty, an experienced lawyer can help secure a fair plea deal.

You should never accept your charges without seeking legal representation. If you or a loved one is currently facing DUI charges, contact Janet Altschuler, a criminal defense attorney in Tucson. Janet has been defending clients for nearly 20 years, and she has what it takes to help you navigate the criminal justice system.

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