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You Can’t Drive With an Uncaged Bear in Missouri? Aw, They Don’t Let You Do ANYTHING!

January 13, 2015

Laws are made to protect citizens. Some laws are carefully drafted and revised to help ensure the highest level of safety, while others are little more than common sense. For example, Missouri explicitly bans motorists from having uncaged bears in their vehicles. Thank goodness! Isn’t it a relief to know that lawmakers are willing to address such important issues?

If you’re driving through Missouri and see a bear on the side of the road, resist the urge to stop and pick him up—even if he’s sticking out a claw and holding a cardboard sign that reads “Kansas City.”

If you’re eager to drive around with a bear in your car, you might try to find a loophole. For instance, you might slap a pair of sunglasses on your bear friend and let him drive. This is not advisable. Say what you will about Missouri police, they can probably tell the difference between a human and a bear with sunglasses.

Note that the law only forbids uncaged bears. If you happen to own a bear cage, you can transport bears wherever you like within the state of Missouri. However, getting a bear to willingly enter a cage is a different story.

Frankly, most Missouri motorists probably wouldn’t think to transport uncaged bears. This law seems less like a public safety measure and more like an open dare to Missouri outlaws—people who bend the rules just because they can. It’s only a matter of time before hardened bikers start riding around with bears in their sidecars.

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